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About biolution and our services

We support you professionally during the entire life cycle of an externally funded research project with our dedicated services, including consulting, project management, interview training, and workshops.

Additionally, biolution also provides a full graphic and media design service. We have the expertise to understand your scientific research and translate it into stunning visual language. From infographics and proposal layouts to creating a logo and brand for your research product, we turn your words into pictures. Additionally, we also offer 3D visualizations from our on-demand library and bespoke visual customizations. We’re ready to bring your research to life!

Our services

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EU Funding  |  National Funding  |  Project Management  |  Proposal Support  |  Interview Training

We provide targeted, thoughtful and professional solutions for you, your research institute or company to acquire and implement externally funded projects, from writing a proposal (ERC, H2020, MSCA, ERA-NET, WWTF, FWF, FFG, DFG), to developing an interview presentation or providing training. Consequently, the services provided by biolution can make the difference in an increasingly competitive funding environment to obtain your grant and optimize the implementation for you to make the most of the funds you have acquired.

3D Visualizations

Stills  |  Animations  |  3D Research Renderings

Our ambition is to convey the fascination scientists harbor for their topic and translate complex concepts into powerful 3D visualizations (stills and animated). We believe scientific accuracy and the natural beauty of biological processes can be combined to create a sense of discovery in the viewer, either by exploring an animation or by realizing a mechanistic connection only obvious in a three-dimensional arrangement.


Website Design  |  Photography and Videography  |  Motion Graphics  |  Social Media |  Logo, Brand & Identity  |  Illustrations & Infographics  |  Slide Decks  |  Packaging  |  Posters  |  Press   |  Stand Design

Presently, scientists find themselves immersed in diverse communication roles, and the ability to effectively convey their research to peers profoundly impacts their standing in the scientific realm. Our professionally executed communication strategies span across various media channels and cater to diverse target audiences, ensuring a substantial return on your investment in time and resources. From crafting compelling brand identities to dynamic infographics, engaging websites, an impactful social media presence, and captivating animations, we are here to assist you at every step.

Your scientific communication journey begins here.


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Our exceptional combination of scientific knowledge and media skills, saves you time and frustration so you can concentrate on your research. From 3D visualizations, infographics and graphical abstracts to project websites and brand identities, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs.

what makes biolution different from the rest?


We understand that our clients have individual needs and require attention to very specific details. All our staff are firmly rooted within their scientific training and we are proud to be part of the Vienna Biocenter, Austria’s internationally visible biotech cluster. We follow current trends in the life sciences and maintain a keen interest in novel developments in research. We are therefore always happy to talk to you about your ideas because from our roots in research we share your deep interest in science.


Contrary to popular belief, most successful scientists are highly effective communicators within their field of research. However, the extrinsic value and societal impact of research results is realized only by communicating to stakeholders outside of the immediate research area. Our expertise is derived from listening to scientists for more than a decade before we decide together with our clients how to develop the interface between specialist and generalists. We translate your research into the language of the generalist.


We are an experienced team of life scientists from a wide variety of research backgrounds complemented by a competent media design team. We enjoy working within a network of collaborators with complementary expertise, where our well-trained staff focuses on the relevant tasks. With an effective delegation of tasks to the appropriate team members we raise synergies in project teams, where researchers can focus on what they do best: Their science!


"Invaluable help and support"

"Invaluable help and support covering from the ‘concept’ to the ‘writing’. Helping to drive a ‘good idea’ to a ‘fully competitive project’, being able to learn on how to design and write a grant application to be successful. Fully recommended."

Fatima Crispi
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona · Servicio de Medicina Materno Fetal Consultant and senior researcher

"highly motivated team of biolution"

“The SYMPATH cycle event was a great success, not least due to the highly motivated team of biolution.”

Prof. Achim Schneeberger, MD
AFFiRiS AG, Vienna, Austria Coordinator of SYMPATH

"very happy that biolution assists us"

“We are very happy that biolution assists us in the public outreach elements of our successful ITN “ALKATRAS”, in particular in the design and maintenance of our website.”

Dr. Suzanne Turner
University of Cambridge, UK Senior Lecturer

"important contributions"

“I enjoyed working with Stefan Grünert of biolution, who made important contributions to the funded proposal of our Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.”

Prof. Kaan Boztug, MD
CeMM, Vienna, Austria Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases

"We found a competent partner "

“With biolution we found a competent partner in Life Sciences, who took care of all aspects to organize the event for GEHC – selection of venue, registration, billing, travel arrangement, catering, filming etc. We were very satisfied, with the services provided and will engage biolution next time again.”

Florian Koelle, DI
GE Healthcare Europe GmbH, Life Sciences, Austria Teamleader Biacore Systems DACH & PL

"specific, helpful and valuable"

“We have worked together with biolution on several EU project proposals, and their input has always been very specific, helpful and valuable”.

Mag. Dr. Carolin Auer
Medical University of Graz, Austria Head of Unit for Research Management

"absolutely essential"

“The support by biolution was helpful during stage one of the call, but absolutely essential to obtain our H2020 grant in stage two.”

Prof. Henry Völzke, MD
University Greifswald, Germany Coordinator of EUthyroid

"extensive skill and experience"

"We faced several unexpected challenges during our project, and I am grateful biolution was always there to support us with their extensive skill and experience."

Prof. Gabor Kovacs, MD
Coordinator of DEVELAGE, Medical University Vienna, Austria

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    biolution offers a state-of-the-art pipeline to generate scientifically accurate 3D models as a basis for instructive visualizations, which support engagement and create interest.