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To communicate your research idea convincingly is a challenge requiring specific expertise. At biolution we have that expertise. Developed over two decades, stemming from our scientific background, we know how to shape your proposal and understand your science.


We have more than 20 years of experience in supporting life scientists successfully in applying for competitive research funds. With over €40 Million in successful EU funding we have the experience and the success you need.


We like to play the devil’s advocate and interrogate your scientific concept for potential gaps and explore improvements. Rooted in our academic training we pay attention to detail and expand the competitive edge of your proposal for the envisaged funding opportunity.


Every year we review more than 10 research proposals across a wide spectrum of the life sciences, which provides us with a good overview of current developments in top-level research using the most ambitious methodologies and approaches.

“The support by biolution was helpful during stage one of the call, but absolutely essential to obtain our H2020 grant in stage two.”

Prof. Henry Völzke, MD – University Greifswald, Germany, Coordinator of EUthyroid


Our consulting services

Proposal support

Our proposal support service is completely flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs. From minimal support with our proposal check for more advanced candidates to a full comprehensive service for first time applicants. Read more about our services to see what fits you best. 

project management

We support scientific coordinators from academic research institutions and companies to successfully implement their EU and nationally funded research projects. We can guide you right from the beginning of the project, increasing your chances of success or even jump in along the way to help  get you back on track. Whatever the case biolution is here to help with our many years of experience.

Coaching and workshops

Drawing on our extensive experience with relevant parties, including researchers, companies, national contact points and European Commission representatives, biolution can coach you through the proposal development process. From preparation for the interview process of the grant application, to one on one personal training, we take you through all the steps to help you achieve your goal.

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If we’ve sparked your interest and want to make the most of your proposals, get in touch today and find out how biolution can help you make your next submission a success!