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Personal development is increasingly recognized as an important aspect of career advancement. For this reason, in companies, successful staff receive extensive support to develop their essential skills. However, for a variety of reasons, in academia, staff frequently neglect support, even if it is provided internally.

With 20 years of experience supporting researchers across Europe, Biolution boasts deep expertise in the academic landscape. We leverage this international research background to provide tailored coaching and workshops that empower academic institutions to achieve scientific excellence.

While our grant proposal writing services benefit immensely from our internal expertise, we also recognize the value of sharing this knowledge through coaching and workshops for researchers. We believe this is an effective approach to building institutional capacity for strong grantsmanship across the board.

Are you committed to fostering successful grant acquisition within your institution? Our coaching and workshop sessions can bolster your internal support systems, equipping your staff with the tools and knowledge they need to secure external funding and propel your research endeavors to new heights.

ERC Interview Coaching

Successful ERC applicants receive substantial financial support, and their visibility as the top tier of Europe’s researchers significantly boosts their careers. ERC panels are generally doing a great job of selecting excellent research projects. But you, as an applicant, should remember that outstanding individuals who conceive, plan, and implement their visionary ideas generate scientific excellence. The ERC claims that scientific excellence is the sole selection criterion, but how is excellence measured, and what is scientific excellence anyway?

All things considered, have you got what it takes?

Our coaching sessions are highly individual, and we aim to develop with you, in a step-by-step process, your slide deck, your oral presentation, and some set pieces for the Q&A session. This process has been designed to enhance your performance during the interview, giving the panel not only an informative, well-structured, and cohesive overview of your proposal but also experiencing you as a person of coveted high potential with a clear vision of how to become a leader in your field.

Have you made it to the ERC interview stage?

If yes, then congratulations! Remember that many national contact points and the ERC also provide excellent training, and some institutions also support their ERC applicants very effectively. However, if you find yourself lacking such programs, we are happy to step in. We have a clear vision of how successful ERC applicants need to present themselves at the interview. Our track record proves that at the interview, our customers effectively communicated that they have what it takes to implement an ambitious ERC project with high potential in their field of research.

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Make the right impression

At biolution, we take a very individual approach to our coaching and workshops, taking into consideration your specific requirements. Usually, our training sessions are conducted remotely and structured into four phases. We start each phase with a Zoom session and then follow up with at least one more session.

If you are interested, please get in touch to set up a Zoom meeting to take this further and answer any questions you may have.

phase 1
  • General set-up
  • What to expect during the interview
  • Development and revision of the slide deck
  • Story telling techniques
phase 2
  • How to prepare
  • Presentation tips
  • Develop the oral presentation
  • Strategies for answering questions
  • Use of framing
phase 3
  • Exploring self-presentation
  • Review of potential answers
  • Developing set pieces
  • Address problems and insecurities


phase 4
  • Mock interviews
  • Re-review of potential answers
  • Self-presentation
  • Technicalities




Within our core expertise of proposal support, we continuously engage in guiding academics in developing their research careers. Consequently, we have reviewed dozens of outstanding proposals, providing us with a unique sense of success factors in various funding schemes. As a result, we have a deep understanding of the skills required to develop scientific excellence and succeed in academia. Building on this experience, our workshops adopt a highly personal and tailored approach to impart this knowledge effectively. Through our workshops, we focus on advancing the competitiveness of administrative and research staff at Austrian research institutions for competitive funding schemes.

Looking to stand out in your upcoming interview or develop a skills workshop for you and your staff? Contact Biolution today. We provide personalized interview coaching and impactful workshop development, ensuring you and your team make a lasting impression.

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TAILORED workshops

Our consulting services are closely linked to the workshops we offer. In general, we cover a wide spectrum of natural sciences but are firmly rooted in our core expertise in the life sciences.

We offer workshops for:

  • academic staff with a tailored workshop about proposal writing to provide motivation for what is often an arduous and lengthy process.
  • administrative staff to develop an effective in-house team to provide effective support for the application and implementation of externally funded projects.

Feel like you need a boost?


If you’d like to know more about our training and coaching workshops, get in touch today and we can guide you through the process.

"Invaluable help and support"

"Invaluable help and support covering from the ‘concept’ to the ‘writing’. Helping to drive a ‘good idea’ to a ‘fully competitive project’, being able to learn on how to design and write a grant application to be successful. Fully recommended."

Fatima Crispi
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona · Servicio de Medicina Materno Fetal Consultant and senior researcher

"highly motivated team of biolution"

“The SYMPATH cycle event was a great success, not least due to the highly motivated team of biolution.”

Prof. Achim Schneeberger, MD
AFFiRiS AG, Vienna, Austria Coordinator of SYMPATH

"very happy that biolution assists us"

“We are very happy that biolution assists us in the public outreach elements of our successful ITN “ALKATRAS”, in particular in the design and maintenance of our website.”

Dr. Suzanne Turner
University of Cambridge, UK Senior Lecturer

"important contributions"

“I enjoyed working with Stefan Grünert of biolution, who made important contributions to the funded proposal of our Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.”

Prof. Kaan Boztug, MD
CeMM, Vienna, Austria Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases

"We found a competent partner "

“With biolution we found a competent partner in Life Sciences, who took care of all aspects to organize the event for GEHC – selection of venue, registration, billing, travel arrangement, catering, filming etc. We were very satisfied, with the services provided and will engage biolution next time again.”

Florian Koelle, DI
GE Healthcare Europe GmbH, Life Sciences, Austria Teamleader Biacore Systems DACH & PL

"specific, helpful and valuable"

“We have worked together with biolution on several EU project proposals, and their input has always been very specific, helpful and valuable”.

Mag. Dr. Carolin Auer
Medical University of Graz, Austria Head of Unit for Research Management

"absolutely essential"

“The support by biolution was helpful during stage one of the call, but absolutely essential to obtain our H2020 grant in stage two.”

Prof. Henry Völzke, MD
University Greifswald, Germany Coordinator of EUthyroid

"extensive skill and experience"

"We faced several unexpected challenges during our project, and I am grateful biolution was always there to support us with their extensive skill and experience."

Prof. Gabor Kovacs, MD
Coordinator of DEVELAGE, Medical University Vienna, Austria

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    biolution offers a state-of-the-art pipeline to generate scientifically accurate 3D models as a basis for instructive visualizations, which support engagement and create interest.