The image depicts the CRISPR/Cas system.

3D visual process

3D Visual Process: The image depicts an immunotherapeutically activated cell.

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Leveraging two decades of expertise in explaining complex research concepts, Biolution has developed an efficient 3D visual process pipeline that delivers affordable, scientifically accurate, and dynamic visualizations of your research. Our goal is to empower researchers with captivating representations of their focus molecules or mechanisms of action. In doing so, we enhance communication and foster a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of biomolecular processes.

Our collaborative approach begins with a thorough briefing to understand your research objectives and desired outcomes. To ensure scientific accuracy, we import coordinates from public data banks, including PDB, EMDB, NeuroMorpho, and MouseLight, to create a dynamic 3D model of your chosen molecule(s). This meticulous process provides a foundation for developing visualizations that are both informative, accurate, and visually compelling.

Our 3D visual process extends beyond static representations, incorporating animation techniques to bring your research to life. While collaborating with you, we tailor our animations to suit various applications, from factual presentations to captivating educational materials. The result is a seamless blend of scientific rigor and captivating storytelling, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and intricacies of biomolecular processes with Biolution’s 3D visual process. Our affordable, scientifically accurate, and dynamic visualizations will elevate your research communication to new heights.

So just how do we work our magic?

3D visual process image showing a sketch of a concept

One major challenge is to transform the scientific idea into a coherent concept that is suitable for a cost-effective technical 3D implementation. Firstly, our experienced life scientists support you through the process and discuss various possibilities, taking into consideration your concerns and compiling a priority list of communication goals. After this briefing, we develop a conceptual draft and work with you to shape it into the ‘backbone’, the concept underlying all further actions.

Biolution's storyboarding of the concept
See how this storyboard developed into the final 3D animation here with our YouTube video.
02. CONCEPT to storyboard

Following the conceptual stage, we now start to craft individual scenes, culminating in a storyboard that provides you with a holistic view of the project. This approach can seamlessly integrate real-life footage and captivating animated explainers, ensuring a dynamic and informative presentation.

Drawing inspiration from your branding guidelines or specific preferences, we curate a mood board to establish a clear visual identity and style direction for the animation. At this time, our scientists collaborate with you to refine the spoken and/or written text, establishing a framework for scene timing. Simultaneously, our 3D artists swiftly sketch out scenes, transforming the storyboard into a visual tapestry populated with stills or even early animations. The constructed storyboard provides a glimpse into the final production’s captivating aesthetic.

3D visual process image of storyboard
03. storyboard to animation

Lastly, our 3D visual process now moves into the final stage. A 3D animation requires many technically demanding and time-intensive steps to develop into a visualization of each scene. In this stage, basic sound effects, dialogue recordings, and soundtracks are also arranged with you. If real-life footage is required, this will be planned and recorded. Throughout the production of the animated scenes, we continuously update you as we pass the boards through our editing process and develop the timing and pace of the video. You’ll have the opportunity to see if what you have planned works well together, meeting your requirements and expectations. After approving the animatronics, we will render and match everything to the agreed quality and style.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your animation!

Whether you’re bolstering existing work or captivating the attention of potential collaborators for your upcoming projects, a 3D visualization can serve as a powerful tool. Our 3D visual process pipeline and expertise in 3D visualization enable us to create stunning representations of your research, bringing your complex concepts to life in a captivating and informative manner.

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    biolution offers a state-of-the-art pipeline to generate scientifically accurate 3D models as a basis for instructive visualizations, which support engagement and create interest.