3D process

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Biolution has assembled a visualization pipeline based on the multidisciplinary expertise of our team and more than two decades of experience in explaining research. Our inspiration was to generate affordable animations, which are rooted in scientific accuracy and extend into exciting dynamic visualizations. It is our ambition to support researchers with their communication through dynamic representations of their focus molecules or mechanisms of action. We enjoy the close interaction with researchers to develop a dynamic 3D-model of the chosen molecule/s. After an initial briefing, we begin with importing coordinates from public data banks (PDB, EMDB, NeuroMorpho, MouseLight etc.). Based on your desired research outcomes, we aim to develop a visualization, which meets the standards of scientific accuracy suitable for multiple applications, including factual presentations in front of your peers and all the while inspiring a sense of wonder about the beauty of biomolecular processes.


So just how do we work our magic?


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biolution can create a bespoke 3D visualization or 3D image for your specific project, or you can choose from our extensive media library. Visit our shop and be inspired!


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