3D animations

3D animations are information-rich, eye-catching visualizations that use scientific hypotheses to communicate their implications. Our team of media designers and scientists creates mesmerizing visualizations, meticulously crafting narratives that bring your research to life. These animations are not merely visual aids; they are powerful tools that effectively communicate complex scientific concepts, making your research more accessible and impactful.

With our extensive experience and proven workflows, we seamlessly translate your research findings into captivating 3D animations that resonate with your audience.

Our bespoke service lets you take control. Whether you seek to concisely illustrate biological processes in brief, engaging animations that are easily digestible for a broad audience or delve into the intricacies of a mode of action through immersive, 60-second sequences that provide a deeper understanding of scientific concepts, we can tailor our approach to perfectly suit your unique needs and objectives. Read more about Our 3D Process here

Perhaps you’re looking for an animation to enhance your research and need something ready-made? We have an extensive media library available, ready for you to choose from. Visit Our Shop here.

Empower your research with the transformative power of 3D animations, and let us transform your scientific hypotheses into compelling visual narratives.

View a few selected visualizations below. For more fascinating videos and MoA, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

T4 Phage 3D animation

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biolution can create bespoke 3D animations or images for your particular project, or you can choose from our extensive media library. Get in touch today and find out more.


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    biolution offers a state-of-the-art pipeline to generate scientifically accurate 3D models as a basis for instructive visualizations, which support engagement and create interest.