EU project sysVASC

The main objective of the sysVASC project was to identify key factors involved in the pathogenesis and progression of coronary artery disease (CAD) and to identify molecular targets for the treatment of CVD. The project had 5 more specific objectives that have been addressed throughout the lifetime of sysVASC.

At the beginning of the project, a logo and a corporate identity for the project was created in order to identify the project. It is used together with the Grant Agreement number HEALTH.2013.2.4.2-1 603288 and the FP7 logo (until use of the FP7 logo was officially discontinued) on all printed and electronic material for the public and for any other official contact.

On the web, public awareness of sysVASC was addressed by the project website. The website content was regularly updated and includes key background information about the project and its beneficiaries. All content was available in two languages: English and German. Additionally, project fact sheets are available in 4 languages for external stakeholders allowing information to be obtained at a glance. The news and media section provided visitors with the latest publications, press releases and dissemination activities of sysVASC, as well as the sysVASC postcard quiz, which was released at the MUG 10-year anniversary, an event reaching 3000 people, to generate greater exposure for the project and increased impact.

The centrepiece of the last website update was the sysVASC 3D video, which clearly presented the background to the project and highlighted some of its successful outcomes.

Text is from the EU research results:

Quick overview:

Programme: FP7 – HEALTH
 Project Reference: 603288
 Coordinator: Medical University Graz, Austria
 Status: Execution
 Start: 01.02.2014
 End: 31.01.2018
 Total Cost: EUR 8,334,864
 EU contribution: EUR 5,976,41

biolution contribution
Proposal preparation: Content, Administration
Implementation: Project Management, Dissemination

Media Design: Logo and Branding, Printed material including postcards, information flyers and agendas, sysVASC website, conference and event organization, 3D Video.


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