Currently Europe has no harmonised approach to ensure iodine intake of European citizens is sufficient to prevent health problems. EUthyroid is an EU-funded research project to evaluate current national efforts aimed at preventing iodine deficiency disorders. The project aims to provide evidence for a cost effective harmonised approach to iodine prevention in Europe.

Policy makers, stakeholders and the general public have been targeted through a range of media including a project website, conference presentations, scientific publications, national press, television and social media as part of a coordinated dissemination strategy.

With the Krakow Declaration on Iodine, EUthyroid presented recommendations towards preventing IDD and securing sufficient iodine status in Europe as a call to action for policy makers, public health officials, scientists and the general public. High-level meetings were held with policy makers in 20 countries, with several already yielding policy change.

Text is from the EU Research Results:

Quick overview:
Programme: H2020-EU.3.1.2.
Project Reference: 634453
Coordinator: University Medicine Greifswald, Germany
Status: Execution
Start: 01.06.2015
End: 01.08.2018
Total Cost: EUR 3,375,330.25
EU contribution: EUR 2,999,949
biolution contribution

Proposal preparation: Content, Administration
Grant preparation: Consortium / Grant Agreement, Budget
Implementation: Project Management, Dissemination

Media Design: Logo and branding, Website for EUthyroid and website for the Krakow Declaration, Print materials, Twitter account.

Events and Co-ordination: Policy Meetings, Project Meetings, Satellite Meetings

The project brought together over 30 institutions from all across Europe.


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