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License for Visual Work Number here


This NON-TRANFERABLE and NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENSING AGREEMENT (“agreement”) is entered into, as of date here, by and between biolution GmbH, Helmut-Qualtinger-Gasse 2/2, 1030 Vienna, Austria (biolution) and  your name here Your Address your address here (Client).


Our general terms and conditions (AGB Mediendesign 2022; CTC mediadesign 2022) provided on are applicable and guide the usage rights you have obtained. Within the legal framework of these general terms and conditions, we grant you the following usage rights for the identified Visual Work, which supersede the AGB/CTC wherever agreed differently.


This License refers the below image:


Image Title

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Format: JPG

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(hereinafter referred to as Visual Work)


  1. Permission to use the Visual Work created by biolution in case of non-exclusive rights

Expressly conditioned upon full payment of all fees and costs due in regards to purchase request no.XXXXX, biolution grants to the Client the rights to use the Visual Work in accordance with the terms as set out herein and in the biolution Terms and Conditions. This license granted to the Client, allows the dissemination of the work, both commercial and non-commercial, without any modification and entirely on the condition that the author “biolution GmbH” is mentioned. All other rights, including Copyrights, are reserved by biolution.

Unless otherwise agreed between the Client and biolution in written form, biolution irrevocably grants the Client non-exclusive rights of use for the Visual Work, these are unlimited in terms of time, space and substance to all digital and print use.

Client agrees that, subject to the rights and licenses granted herein, biolution is, and will remain, the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest, throughout the world, to all Visual Works and any copies of the Visual Work. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, biolution reserves all rights and licenses not expressly granted in this Agreement.  To avoid any doubt, it is stated here that any programming services, original source/working files and in silico models remain in possession and property of biolution.

biolution reserves the right to make reference to the Client on all advertising materials and in all advertising measures for biolution, in particular on its website/websites and by also reproducing the Client´s name and company logo. Further commercial use of this image is only allowed with the explicit written permission from biolution.


Restrictions on use:

  • No Alterations. The Client is not authorized to edit any visual content of the Visual Work themselves or through the involvement of third parties to redesign, or in any other way to change or allow it to be changed. Any modification, edit or imitation of the works provided requires written permission.  
  • No Unlawful Use. Client will not use the Visual Work in any unlawful manner, such as pornography or defamation.  
  • No Standalone File Use. Client will not use the Visual Work in any way that allows a standalone file or content file to be downloaded, extracted, or redistributed by others.  
  • No Use in Trademark or Logo. Client will not use the Visual Work in any trademark, design, logo or other mark.  
  • No Products for Resale. Client will not use the Visual Work in any goods or products where the Visual Work is the primary value.  
  • No Sublicenses. Client will not sublicense the Visual Work without the prior written permission of biolution.


biolution offers a state-of-the-art pipeline to generate scientifically accurate 3D models as a basis for instructive visualizations, which support engagement and create interest.